Monday, December 26, 2011

Sex scandalous Sani Leone is not obvious:

The Scandal movie Jisama to Bollywood films through his own efforts to eliminate the bad image that struggled sani Leone. The Indian descent in Canada, this is an attempt to Subscribe sadhalena former boyfriend Matt Erickson actors. Recently, a naked video of the twins has been uploaded to the internet. Know a lot of anger with her scandal ​​nude video on the subject sanira erikasanai it.

Monday, 5 Mahesh bard Big Boss' and he went home with his new film scandal jisama of the role of women and to offer pinay lioyanake parno star sani. Mahesh said the bard aieenaesake phone, 'I saw her in the scandal body can not quit. I saw her behind a good laugh and a broken heart in solitude. Recreation etota trade is not easy. It is not intended to parno his scandal trade. 'He said,' I do love to work with real people. Working in an industry that sani lioyana praise for the work she will never do. 'Jisama in the film's 2003 have been released, and through this film, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu star of fame. Leone was born in a Punjabi family in ontariora sani. Ykturastre he took part in several series show. 010 In the world of fashion magazines myaksima parno Next, a selection of 1 John.

Canadian actress and scandal model sani Leone 'jisama to' scandal nude scene in the film are not acting. Director Mahesh bard 'jisama to' performance for the film recently received the consent of sani Leone. Mahesh bard sensor board decision not to offensive in any scene in the film. In addition to any yaunadrsye parnochabira hiroina scandalous sani lionake acting director, do not know. 'Bigg Boss' - The bard's room Mahesh' scandal jisama-to-film stars sani lionake proposed for the role. The clover has accepted the offer scandalous sani Leone. Although the film presents him as sani lionake warm abedanamayi bibasana will not stand in front of the camera. The bard a patrikake said Mahesh, Indian visitors are not accustomed to see more explicit scenes. Thus, jisama-to-film acting, but the character of scandalous sani Leone kalacarake will not exceed. The scandal nude scene with people, so nudity will not be part of the scandal picture. Visit our icchete greatly enhanced the compliance demand, according to the character of the sani Leone. 'Mahesh bhatera The main character acting in the film Bollywood actor Imran hasamike. The first visitors to see the film in October whether to hasamira Mahesh bard, "said jisama to: Who will be acting as a hero, it still did it scandalous Sani Leone 'Big Boss' final decision to be made outside the elei all about scandal.


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